Monday, August 28, 2006

Is Cartoon Network making light of the illuminati?

You probably haven't seen this show, I sure have been out of the loop, but look at that character, people! That's exactly what you think it is, an Illuminati pyramid character with horns, (he has a horn throne), and this pyramid wearing what looks like a Freemason ritual get up! And get this, this character, is named White Shadow, and is the king of the badguys, and notice that shield from a promo site for the show, that's in alot of freemason/illuminati/nwo imagery I've been seeing. (click to see) His job is to make the life of the 'minoriteam' horrible (a team of super-minorities). That sounds dead on to me. Not that whites are actually doing this to all minorities, it's just the elite, (people need to realize this to avoid appearing irrational when discussing this), again it's just the elite, and they tend to be white men some of the time, but can actually span ALL races, sexes, groups, etc. (even skull and bones is admitting women, gays and blacks now to gain more control) (click here to read more info about this show, characters, etc.) Look at the characters here that work for the 'White Shadow,' notice the bird guy is wearing a masonic hat and looks like masonic symbolism (skull face), and the noose, well I just wrote about the KKK's connections to the Illuminati... Not only is the noose obviously used in lynching, it's also used all the time in INITIATIONS of people into the freemasonic cult! I'd like to remind readers about the TIMING of this show being released, do you really think it's coincidental? There's been alot of stuff in the last 5 years and going on now even that is totally relevant, but is being marketed as fiction to brainwash the public. This is a little different, but the basic thing is still occuring, masses are being desensitized to the ideas (this character is likable, btw) It's all turning into just 'tv stuff,' not something to take seriously, people watching who may not be aware of the terrible state our nation is in, may not be moved by this information after it's brought to their attention in this manner.

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