Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Jay-Z hides freemasonic symbolism in Johnny Cash's God video

I'm not sure how many people out there saw this Johnny Cash video, but aside from the disgusting freemasonic symbolism, it is a great video. Johnny Cash has passed away, so this video instead shows an enormous amount of celebrities mouthing the lyrics to the late Johnny Cash's work. Another thing that I appreciated was it's intense and obvious Christian over-tones (lyrically and visually). But, that good feeling was robbed when I noticed what Jay-Z did in the video starting 2 minutes in. That, coupled with the very telling hidden Skull and Bones/Police-State symbolism in Beyonce's "Sound the Alarm" sickened me. (click for full info) The worst part about all of this, is how many people are convinced I'm a complete idiot. But the proof is in the pudding, do the math, there can only be SO many MEANINGLESS coincidences! Unlike all the other people involved, Jay-Z makes 100% clear not to give any credence to Christ, just points up. And then he uses his already suspicious 'pyramid/diamond' hand gesture, OVER ONE EYE. And look carefully, NOTICE THAT HIS EYE IS AT THE TOP of this pyramid/diamond hand gesture. Not only that, it's his LEFT eye, which is exactly how freemasonry does it!!! Also, in case you didn't know, freemasons have many hand gestures and shakes, all secret, etc. just like Mormons and Satanists (both founders were top-level freemasons). Make no mistake, that hand symbol alone is a clear show of his masonic beliefs, but he pushes it many steps further (these people love to 'flex'). Freemasons/shriners/occultists view the 'all seeing eye' as the all-seeing eye of GOD. (The eye on the top of the pyramid on your $1 bill). Just so you know, freemasons believe a mish-mosh of all religions (the eye comes from many places), but the key is that higher-level members of the government fraternity, study the occult and have no qualms with dabbling in dark ritualistic practices (like Bohemian Grove) So just to clarify, that damned eye does NOT represent my God (Jesus Christ), it represents the freemasonic mish-mosh belief system they hold on to, this tactic gains many members AROUND THE WORLD, especially since that open-ended approach to religion is a sneaky way to attract a person of ANY FAITH. (for example; Shriners (part of freemasonry) do their meetings in islamic Mosques). Now although there are Christian masons, it really isn't logical to be both, and here's a clear-cut video on the issue, (click). They are just in it for the unethical percs (and boy there are plenty; whores, constant drinking, job connections, etc.) Just to make it clear: Christian membership is encouraged to shield the freemasons when issues arise with true-Christians (many are becoming aware of the devil's growing political army). To make things abundantly clear, Johnny Cash literally DESCRIBES the hidden freemasonic menace, at the exact same time the jack-ass video-maker decided to cut Jay-Z doing the one-eye hand gesture. Here's the line being spoken RIGHT AS JAY-Z does his Illuminati hand-gesture, and don't forget to note the Skull and Bones Yale logo that flashes right after: "Working in the dark against your fellow man." All meaningless coincidences to you? Too bad, wake up and stop being part of the problem. If that all the stuff I mentioned already isn't enough, I suggest you start opening your eyes (no pun intended), notice the aforementioned SKULL AND BONES SYMBOL right after he does this gesture. Skull and Bones is a secret freemasonic RICH Yale collective, and notice the logo is IDENTICAL to the Yale logo. Skull and Bones is a very powerful secret order, one that Bush Sr. and Jr. are part of, (they also attend the mock human sacrifice at Bohemian Grove every year) and that's not even the worst of it, remember Kerry? Yeah, also part of the "secret order," something you should think deeply about if you already knew. Like I already said, the Skull and Bones image shown MATCHES the Occultic Yale Collective logo! Also, perhaps not worth mentioning, are some words that are behind the skull. I can't make them out, but I think I see "Aka." Either way, it's debatable what he was trying to say with that, if anything, but seriously you should be disturbed by the bulk of the information I've shared here. This powerful Yale logo is also identical to the logo Beyonce SNUCK into her video (on the riot-police's arms) for "Sound the Alarm." (pictured above) Here's more info on that video if you're interested... makes me think of an old Nas song... starts of a lil something like this: Fuck Jay-Z (Extra!) Now it came across my mind that perhaps Jay-Z is trying to clue people in, I can see it like that, but seriously, I don't feel like giving him the benefit of the doubt. If he really wanted to clue people in, he could've done a much better job than THAT. And why aren't any freemasonic 'warnings' in any of his albums? Think about it... Either way, the beast got exposed in this video.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Is Cartoon Network making light of the illuminati?

You probably haven't seen this show, I sure have been out of the loop, but look at that character, people! That's exactly what you think it is, an Illuminati pyramid character with horns, (he has a horn throne), and this pyramid wearing what looks like a Freemason ritual get up! And get this, this character, is named White Shadow, and is the king of the badguys, and notice that shield from a promo site for the show, that's in alot of freemason/illuminati/nwo imagery I've been seeing. (click to see) His job is to make the life of the 'minoriteam' horrible (a team of super-minorities). That sounds dead on to me. Not that whites are actually doing this to all minorities, it's just the elite, (people need to realize this to avoid appearing irrational when discussing this), again it's just the elite, and they tend to be white men some of the time, but can actually span ALL races, sexes, groups, etc. (even skull and bones is admitting women, gays and blacks now to gain more control) (click here to read more info about this show, characters, etc.) Look at the characters here that work for the 'White Shadow,' notice the bird guy is wearing a masonic hat and looks like masonic symbolism (skull face), and the noose, well I just wrote about the KKK's connections to the Illuminati... Not only is the noose obviously used in lynching, it's also used all the time in INITIATIONS of people into the freemasonic cult! I'd like to remind readers about the TIMING of this show being released, do you really think it's coincidental? There's been alot of stuff in the last 5 years and going on now even that is totally relevant, but is being marketed as fiction to brainwash the public. This is a little different, but the basic thing is still occuring, masses are being desensitized to the ideas (this character is likable, btw) It's all turning into just 'tv stuff,' not something to take seriously, people watching who may not be aware of the terrible state our nation is in, may not be moved by this information after it's brought to their attention in this manner.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Is Ozzy Osbourne intentionally covering up the Bohemian Grove in his 'War Pigs' remake?

The Bohemian Grove is a place where the president and bigshots from around the world meet up and do very bizarre things. (click here to read about it) I'm currently working on a video presentation about the Bohemian Club using the song 'War Pigs.' I noticed that the original Black Sabbath version and the more recent Ozzy version were COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. The Black Sabbath version literally exposes the Bohemian Club, and the Ozzy version makes sure not to mention it... George Bush Jr. and Sr. are members, what a coincidence that Ozzy and Bush seem to be pals (read about that here) Check it out for yourself... here it is with my comments Black Sabbath's War Pigs ------------------------ Generals gathered in their masses, just like witches at black masses. (literally what's occuring) Evil minds that plot destruction, sorcerers of death's construction. (mentions their masonic knowledge of the occult and their agenda) In the fields the bodies burning, (The cremation of care, think burnt offerings...) as the war machine keeps turning. (the agenda of all these people is creation though destruction) Death and hatred to mankind, (think skull and bones, ask yourself why is the owl always standing on a skull) poisoning their brainwashed minds. (freemasonry has a large religious brainwash factor) Oh lord, yeah! Politicians hide themselves away. (the grove is relatively secret, private, and very hidden) They only started the war. (mentions that war is orchestrated) Why should they go out to fight? They leave that role to the poor, yeah. (description of the war-machine) Time will tell on their power minds, (basically saying, yall will see) making war just for fun. Treating people just like pawns in chess, (description of them, they plan out war plans at a part of the grove) wait till their judgement day comes, yeah. (amen) Now in darkness world stops turning, ashes where the bodies burning. No more War Pigs have the power, Hand of God has struck the hour. Day of judgement, God is calling, on their knees the war pigs crawling. Begging mercies for their sins, Satan, laughing, spreads his wings. (just have to say, such a great visual) Oh lord, yeah! Notice how this song is looking, it's basically very Christian while exposing the Bohemian Club at the same time, all working for God... (Ephesians 5:11) Now notice how when Ozzy later redid this song and re-released it, it doesn't expose the government war-machine in any way, it's actually quite bizarre that he'd still label the song war pigs when it's mostly focusing on religious imagery and gore, it's literally nothing like the Black Sabbath original he did as a youth... Ozzy's solo version of the same song, released later... (click to see) ------------------------------------------------------- Witches gather at black masses Bodies burning in red ashes On the hill the church in ruin. Is the scene of evil doings It's a place for all black sinners Watch them eating dead rats' inners. I guess it's the same, whereever you may go Oh lord yeah Carry banners which denounce the lord See me rocking in my grave See them anoint my head with dead rat's blood See them stick the stake through me Oh Don't hold me back cause I just gotta go (Sat'n/They) got a hold of my soul now Lords got my brain instinct with blood obscene Look in my eyes I'm there enough Yeah On the scene a priest appears Sinners falling at his knees Satan sends out funeral pyre Casts the priest into the fire It's the place for all bad sinners. Watch them eating dead rats' inners I guess it's the same, whereever you may go Oh lord yeah Seriously, isn't that a bit strange to you? This coupled with how chummy known 'grover' Bush is with Ozzy (PLEASE READ if you haven't) makes me very suspicious... what do you think? I can't wait to post up the video I'm working on... Looks like Ozzy may be part of the problem now... (extra!) So the pictures I found of Ozzy when dealing with the president, and upstaging him, is a picture with him in a poze that coincidentally, is one of power among masons (click to learn more) Here's a link to the Washington Post article where I got that picture of Ozzy, it was a very big moment. That is the ONLY picture mind you, that should be suspicious to you. And the fact that he got more cheers than Bush, isn't a big surprise to me, it's just that it was at a presidential event, and that makes it odd, especially if the crowd swelled when it was during his hand gesture... i'll be looking for the video to add to this blog... please mail me if you got a lead.